led uv bridge

UV-LED line light curing machine  shortcomings, or limitations
led ink diffrent normal ink for offset print or screen print 
1, Different wavelengths of ink choose different led uv machine,We have test LED uv machine
2, led lamp only dry led ink
3, the  more deeper color of the ink ,more easier to cure, 
the more transparent of the ink ,more harder to cure,
what kind of ink do you have?
please express sample to us
Conventional mercury lamp uv machine drying normal ink
the  more transparent of the ink ,more easier to cure, 
the more deeper color of the ink ,more harder to cure,

UV-LED line light curing machine advantages:
    1, long life: life is more than 10 times that of traditional mercury type curing machine, about 25,000 to 30,000 hours. 
    2, cold light, no heat radiation, according to the product surface temperature is low, resolved optical communications, LCD production and long-standing problem of heat damage. Especially for liquid crystal Edge, film printing and other requirements applicable to small temperature rise of the occasion. 
    3, heat a small, solve the mercury inkjet equipment heat, staff unbearable problem. 
    4, instant light, no warm-up instantly reach 100% power UV output. 
    5, from the opening and closing times on life. 
    6, high energy, light output stable, good illumination uniformity effect, improve production efficiency. 
    7, the effective radiation area can be customized in length from 20mm to 1000mm. 
    8, the maximum illumination intensity of up to 6000mw / cm2. 
    9, do not contain mercury, it does not produce ozone, it is to replace traditional light source technology a safer, more environmentally friendly choice. 
    10, low energy consumption, power consumption is only 10% of the traditional mercury lamp type curing machine can save 90% power.
     11, small size, easy to carry, and only 1/8 the size of conventional mercury lamps.
     12, the maintenance cost is almost zero, using UV-LED curing equipment annual savings of at least 10,000 yuan / station supplies costs

Tamprinter brand LED UV curing machine Install robot to used in screen printing industry
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