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  • A5  Hot Stamping Machine for Flat round dual-use
  • A5  Hot Stamping Machine for Flat round dual-use
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  • A5  Hot Stamping Machine for Flat round dual-use
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A5 Hot Stamping Machine for Flat round dual-use

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Product Description

TGM-100 hot stamping machine is specially for printing on round glass bottles.


Technical  parameter

Stamping head stroke


Stamping pressure range


Stamping temperature

      20~400℃ ℃

Stamping speed

 1100pcs/Hr m/min

Stamping plate size

     150 * 200 mm

Overall dimensions


Table size

         128 * 128


            140 kg

Total power

            1000 W



(1) TGM-100 pneumatic stamping machine  with easy operation, stable performance, good effect on stamping. 

(2) Using pneumatic pressure stamping, with a variety of plastic sheet, can plane, bevel, face and arc. 

(3) With special universal adjustable workbench to facilitate adjustment; 

(4) Variety of machined parts with excellent results, processing out of the object flat, smooth, no garland, the effect of coarse.

Hot stamping machine is the use of temperature (100-380 ) and pressure 
The gold foil paper (foil) ,Film with color ,Transfer to the product 
Hot stamping Features: colorful, high gloss. 
Can be used for stamping paper, wood, plastic, etc. 
Can use as a branding machine 
Pneumatic flat, round face Hot stamping machine 
Work Method: 
Heating plate and stamping film Vertical imprint on the workpiece

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