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UV varnish curing machine TM-UV400

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Product Description

 UV varnish machine 

Model TM-400UVF is small Volume, easy carrying, favorable price and high quality. 

Technical Parameters:




Convey belt width(mm)


Effective range (mm)


Max thickness of cured (mm)


Conveying speed (m)




UV lamp (KW/1pcs)

3 kw

Driving power (W)


Total power (KW)








Widely used for the field of drying UV ink, UV coating for UV spray finishing, processing after paper's UV printing, UV glue, UV tests. 


Function and feature:

1, Well-designed cooling system reduces the heat generated by the light source, so as to avoid high temperature leaving some products (such as paper, PVC film) affected and deformed.

2, Electronic variable speed, speed is stable, sensitivity is adjustable.

3, High quality light source, long operating life, it can start instantly and access to normal brightness quickly.

4, Good stability and good environmental adaptability. During the use, energy output evenly, and after the prolonged uses, there is no significant change in the spectral distribution.

5, Strong exhaust pump makes the article adsorbed on the conveyor belt, and difficult to drift and fall.


Free Fittings: 

UV lamps: 1pcs*3kw

Manual and operating video

UV machine common fault response measures
1. Cause of failure: The air curing of the UV curing machine is not enough, and the exhaust and heat dissipation are poor;
Solution: The exhaust pipe should not be slender and need to be improved;
2, the cause of the failure: UV curing machine UV lamp used for too long, beyond the service life, UV lamp aging;
Solution: replace the UV lamp;
3, the cause of the failure: the power supply voltage in the UV curing machine is too low or the power supply is out of phase;
Solution: increase the voltage, configure the regulator, check the lines and switches, and rewire;
4, the cause of the failure: the UV curing machine in the transformer overheating causes the thermal protection switch to operate; solution: check the cause of the transformer overheating and processing;
5, the cause of the failure: the thermistor in the transformer in the UV curing machine is damaged;
Solution: Replace the thermistor;
6. Cause of failure: The unstable operation of the exhaust motor causes the pressure switch of the wind pressure switch to be disconnected;
Solution: check the exhaust motor and handle it;

Additional Info:

Price Terms      --               FOB or CFR   
Payment Terms---              T/T or LC   
Packing ----                        wooden case   
Lead Time ----                   7days after confirm Payment   
SKU ----                            10 SETS   
Standards Certificate ---     CE   
Cubic Meter----                 1.5 CBM  
Gross Weight ---                300KG      


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Payment Terms︰ TT/LC/Western Union

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