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  • Silicone Pad large size
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  • Silicone Pad
  • pad Silicone Pad
  • Silicone Pad large size
  • pad printer Silicone Pad
  • Silicone Pad large size

Silicone Pad large size

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large size

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US $ 33 / pc

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10 pc

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Product Description

Blue Printing pads advantages:

1, the ink is easy to pick up the peeling, with good results
2, silicone material and delicate, resilient, long pad life, no impurities, no particles
3, printing of a clear pattern
4, low viscosity, good fluidity
5, no shrinkage

Silicone Pad large size

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test report

Cloth printing needs flocking paste

Printing pp/PE need to flame treatment

What is Rubber Pads?


PAD printing is a versatile kind of silicon rubber stamp transfer printing process. The PADS are made of silicon rubber,its function is to pick up the image from the steel plate (cliche) and then transfer it to the product of almost any convex , concave, regular ,irregular or flat surface.

PADS may be in shapes of conical, rectangular or square etc. The size, shape and image determines which Pad is the best suited.


1. All pads are made of resin that import from Germany and France.  2 colors white and red, hundreds of shapes. 

2. Our rubber pads have the good flexibility, the strong elasticity and the long service life which ensures high definition to flat, bend and irregular objects. Even if regarding the tiny design in the irregular superficial, it can guarantee the clear printing effect.  

3.  Mosstens the ink completely, it is easy to take off the ink and transfer printing, and the remaining printing ink is easy to eliminate. 

4.  Each kind of specification is complete, and may specially make according to the user specific requested. 

5.  We accept customized order with any shape.

Payment Terms︰ TT/Western Union

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silicone padsilicone pad

Silicone Pad large sizeSilicone Pad large size

pad printer Silicone Padpad printer Silicone Pad

Silicone PadSilicone Pad

pad Silicone Padpad Silicone Pad

pad printer Silicone Padpad printer Silicone Pad