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ink tray 4-color pad printer with shuttle

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Product Description

TM-S4 4-color pad printer with shuttle

 Technical parameter:


Plate area 100X150mm
Worktable largest size 200X180mm
Max printing diameter DIM80mm
Max printing speed 1200pcs/hr
Air consumption 104litre/min(6bar)
Power 110/220V  60/50Hz 50W
Dimensions 1060X760X1380mm(LXWXH)
Weight 150Kg


TM-S4XL ​Four Color Pad Printer with Shuttle $7500

Plate area      ----------------300X300mm

Max printing Area----------250X250mm

Max printing speed    ------800pcs/hr

Air consumption ---104litre/min(6bar)

Power    ---------------220V  50Hz 50W

Dimensions  -----1500X1700X1700mm

Weight   ------------------------------250Kg

Cylinder -----------------------------------FASTO


Machine features: 

1. With microcomputer-controller, semi-automatic, utility function, and the operating procedures are flexible and reliable.
2. The hardened axle can bearing made by famous processor and the SMC Pneumatic Components from Japan are adopted to reduce the repair and maintenance, so that the unit is not worn easily and service life of machine parts are extended largely.
3.  It has separated colloid head and is convenient for adjusting the speed of movement back and forth, and is applicable to different printing needs.
4.  Base for each inking pan can be adjusted independently at X and Y angle, with accurate chromatograph and improved production efficiency.
5.  The body of the unit adopts the die-cast rack of aluminum alloy and is both portable and solid.
6.  The safely rubber sheet and emergency cut of system of power supply are provided so as to make unit comply with the international industrial safety standards.
7.  With multilevel-controlled, and is satisfied with different requirement of the printing speed.
8. The rolls to inking, easy to install and uninstall, and convenient for cleaning. 

9.  It is set 4-digit number auto-counter, and is convenient for recording the quantity of the printing products. 

10.  With self-poise oil scraper, can adjusting the thickness of steel independently, scrape oil efficiently. 

11.  The colloid head is not leave moulage when blank line printing, it is prevent from the printing ink to dry when we pause the machine.
12.  It is setting the standard procedure and off-standard program, breakthrough the function of ordinary machine, unlimited program to procure ink and printing.


Machine accessories
 A copy of specification, one set of Allen key, one piece of cross Screw and straight Screw, one piece of scraper, one piece of fuse, 4 pieces of Screw for fixing pad, 1.5 meter of power line. 

hot keys:  4 color printing


Payment Terms︰ TT/LC/ Western Union

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