• PS plate vacuum UV exposure machine
  • PS plate vacuum UV exposure machine
  • PS plate vacuum UV exposure machine
  • PS plate vacuum UV exposure machine
  • PS plate vacuum UV exposure machine
  • PS plate vacuum UV exposure machine

PS plate vacuum UV exposure machine

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Product Description

PS pva plate vacuum UV exposure machine TMEP-ledps6575 FOR offset print


The LED printing machine is a brand-new automatic printing machine for printing various printing plates such as PS plate and PVA plate. The series of plate printing machine adopts microcomputer control, data display button number, parameter storage, operation and use. Very convenient, the printing light source adopts the most energy-saving LED ultraviolet light source at present, and its spectral characteristics are consistent with the photosensitive characteristics of the plate. The printing speed is extremely fast and the quality is good. The light source power is 10% of the iodine gallium lamp, and the service life is iodine gallium. Several times the lamp can be used for continuous printing without waiting, and the quality of the company's products has always been trusted, LED printing machine will be the most ideal printing equipment for printing plate making enterprises.

 Technical Parameters:

TMEP-ledps6575 offset PS plate exposure machine  

Working table type

10mm High transmittance Glass

Max plate size

650 x 750mm


220V, 230W

Vacuum degree

≥-0.025     0.08Mpa


900*800*280mm 45kg+7kg vacuum pump

Uniform illumination


UV-LED machine  for offset print or screen print 
UV-LED advantages:
    1, long life: life is more than 10 times that of traditional Gallium lamp exposure machine, about 25,000 to 30,000 hours. 
    2, cold light,  heat a small,Especially for applicable to cleanroom the occasion. 
    3, CBM small,  save shipping cost. 
    4, instant light, no warm-up instantly reach 100% power UV output. 
    5, from the opening and closing times on life. 
    6, high energy, light output stable, good illumination uniformity effect, improve production efficiency. 
    7, the effective radiation area can be customized in size from 400*500mm to 4000*6000mm. 
    8, the maximum illumination intensity of up to 6000mw / cm2. 
    9,  it does not produce ozone, it is to replace traditional light source technology a safer, more environmentally friendly choice. 
    10, low energy consumption, power consumption is only 10% of the traditional Gallium lamp system machine can save 90% power.
     11, small size, easy to carry, Save huge funnel.
     12, the maintenance cost is almost zero, using UV-LED exposure equipment annual savings of at least 10,000 yuan / station supplies costs

Payment Terms︰ TT / LC / West Union

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