• 3D Auto parts uv curing machine
  • 3D Auto parts uv curing machine
  • 3D Auto parts uv curing machine
  • 3D Auto parts uv curing machine
  • 3D Auto parts uv curing machine
  • 3D Auto parts uv curing machine
  • 3D Auto parts uv curing machine
  • 3D Auto parts uv curing machine

3D Auto parts uv curing machine

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Product Description

Auto parts uv light curing machine

It is a kind of mechanical equipment that can make the surface treatment of strong ultraviolet light available. It is also known as UV curing machine (UV curing machine, UV light curing box and UV machine). In general, UV light curing equipment is mainly used for printing, painting industry, UV light curing is more environmentally friendly uv paint (UV ink, UV varnish, UV resin, etc.) dry way, in line with national health and environmental protection organization subject requirements.


UV light curing equipment


UV principle
UV curing principle: the special configuration to reconcile, and add a certain amount of photosensitizer / initiator UV coatings (varnish, paint, resin, etc.), through the absorption of UV light curing equipment in the high temperature ultraviolet light, the moment to produce free Base or ionic groups, and then produce a polymerization reaction, so that UV coatings (varnish, paint, resin, etc.) in 1s-2s from the liquid into a solid state.
UV curing equipment principle
UV curing equipment by the relevant technology matching, can make the UV lamp in an instant by the high voltage excitation light, and then issued the main peak of 360nm (nm) around the UV light. Exposure UV coating on the coating layer, basically 1 ~ 2s or so instantly lead to paint curing.


UV light curing equipment components edited
First, the frame structure: mostly for the angle and square tube welding, the body for the cold-rolled steel stamping, after bending with.
Second, the power part: the domestic UV curing equipment, the lamp is generally imported, the average life of less than 1000h, more than the effect after the light will be weakened.
Third, the transmission part [2]: generally by the drive roller, belt, gear motor, gear and chain and other components. One of the most important of the drive system is the transmission roller, belt and gear motor is most important.
Fourth, the control part: generally equipped with digital temperature controller, leakage protection switch, power indicator, start / stop button, control line insurance, UV lamp dedicated current meter.
Fifth, the ventilation system: the general use of forced air-cooled, there are two types of ventilation and ventilation, which is used for paper printing curing.

UV light curing equipment application scope editing
One, blinds, plywood and so on.
Second, side panels and so on.
Third, the car interior parts (peach), PC panels, electric bicycles, car headlights, steel, silicone rubber and all.
Fourth, the electronics industry: micro-motor, circuit boards, LCD switch, chassis shell.
Fifth, the printing industry: silk screen, offset printing, flexo, inkjet, digital printing and all printing range, three-dimensional products strong, beautiful and beautiful appearance.
Six, special industries: chemical, optical reaction, UV glue, UV bonding and other industries.

UV light curing equipment daily maintenance editor
First, switch UV light
1, boot sequence:
Open the main power → open the governor (use the inverter to adjust the required speed) → turn on the UV lamp switch (select the appropriate gear) → heat fan 3 minutes after the automatic start → 10 minutes after the normal work.
2, UV shutdown sequence:
Turn off the UV lamp → 5-8 minutes after the cooling fan automatically shut down → turn off the governor → turn off the power switch
(1) turn on the lights should turn on the lights, each light interval of about 1 minute, do not open at the same time.
(2) after the lights should continue to run the fan for some time, until the lamp cooling so far.
(3) turn off the lights if you want to start the second time, be sure to wait until the lamp completely cooled and then start, otherwise the lamp surface temperature is very high in the case of starting up.
(4) After turning on the lights can not be put into production immediately, there must be a section of the lamp warm-up time, the summer temperature is high, warm-up time is short; winter temperature is low, warm-up time longer, warm-up time to 2-3 minutes The If the UV machine has a strong light device, should be in the strong light file start lights, this can shorten the lamp warm-up time, if the production needs low light, can be adjusted after the warm-up to the weak light file.
Second, lamp maintenance

(1) betterUV lamp maximum service life is generally 1500-2600 hours, to reach life after the replacement.
(2) UV lamp during use, at the appropriate time (1 to 2 weeks) with anhydrous ethanol, gauze cleaning the surface of the lamp and reflector surface reflector, and then turn the UV lamp 180 degrees. Shade reflector plate to replace the mirror effect will be replaced.
Third, the speed adjustment
(1) the best speed selection method: the product first at a certain speed through the UV curing device, if cured, and then speed up the curing device until the product can not be completely cured so far, then the speed multiplied by 0.8 is the most Good speed.
(2) Also pay attention to the use of UV light time, with the UV lamp to use the time, the energy will decay, the speed should be slowed down.
Fourth, transformers, capacitors
(1) the transformer into the line according to the site voltage to select the appropriate terminal.
(2) after the use of capacitors, if the maintenance must be discharged, so as not to damage the capacitor discharge.
5, ultraviolet light will damage the eyes and skin, please do not look directly with the eyes when the lamp surface, and do not let the UV radiation naked exposed skin



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