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Yarn drying infrared oven, again got European orders


Yarn infrared dryer, no belts, this is a very special industry. The volatilization of corrosive gases makes many competitors have no choice.

With the rapid economic development, people’s awareness of environmental protection has become stronger and stronger. Some equipment with high energy consumption and high pollution such as oil and coal has been strictly restricted or even banned by the local government. As a result, operations are becoming more and more standardized. The yarn dryer (cotton yarn dryer) introduced in this article is a new type of heat pump drying equipment with zero pollution, intelligence, energy saving and high efficiency. It not only saves the yarn drying cycle, but also saves energy consumption (using electricity to drive compressed air to do work), saves costs and improves benefits. The picture below shows the drying application case of the yarn dryer in a large dyeing factory in Shenzhen.

Yarn drying process steps:

1. The reason why sweaters and knitted sweaters can be colorful can be dyed by several methods, one is yarn dyeing and the other is piece dyeing. Yarn dyeing is the process of putting white embryo yarn into corresponding dyes for coloring. Piece dyeing is the process of woven white embryo yarn into clothes and then coloring the whole piece. Whether it is yarn dyeing or piece dyeing, it needs to be dried to meet quality standards before delivery.

2. The eldest sister in the first workshop is very serious. She evenly hangs the yarn on the stainless steel material rack. She said that there are still many batches of yarn that will be dyed in succession today, waiting to be dried and shipped.

3. The second workshop is a new workshop. There are many people and high efficiency, look! The staff in the dyeing factory are very busy. The workshop has piled up various yarns of different components, such as cotton yarn, acrylic, viscose, wool, polyester, cotton wool and chemical fiber blends, etc., all have been dyed in colors, red, black , Off-white, dark blue, flesh pink, light purple, lake blue, etc.

4. Different types of yarns are colored with different dyes and time. When drying, the characteristics of different yarns should be fully considered, and the temperature parameters, humidity parameters and time range of the yarn dryer should be adjusted appropriately. The entire circulation system of the yarn dryer is fully enclosed, and the fan is used for convective heat transfer to transfer heat to the material, and constantly replenish fresh air and exhaust moist air.

5. The biggest feature of the yarn dryer is that most of the hot air is circulated in the box, thereby enhancing heat and mass transfer, saving energy, and increasing the heat efficiency of the oven from 3-7% of the traditional drying room to The current 35-45%, the highest thermal efficiency can reach 50%. Because of its outstanding energy-saving advantages, drying in other industrial fields such as leather drying, paper tube drying, sludge drying, cloth drying, bone glue drying, peach glue drying, rubber drying, fish meal drying, etc. It is also energy-efficient and cost-saving in drying applications, and there is no emission of pollutants, waste water, waste gas and residue.