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UV curing machine for auto screen printing TM-UV750L

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Product Description

TM-UV750L UV curing machine

Technical parameters:


Model No. TM-UV750L
Conveyorbelt width(mm) 750mm
UV light power(kw) 5.6kw*2
Conveyor speed(m/min) 0-25m/min
Power (v/kw) 380/12.5
Dimensions(LXWXHmm) 4050X1050mmX1500mm
Plywood 4.2X1.2X1.6m  8.4CBM
Weight 646kg




1    Safety instruction    ----------------------------------4
1.1    Safety regulation    ---------------------------------4
1.2    Warning signs (figure/photo)    ----------------------6
1.3    The interpretation of signs    -----------------------8
2    Specification    ---------------------------------------8
2.1    Machine function and feature    ----------------------8
2.2    Machine's model and nameplate    ---------------------9
2.3    Specification table    -------------------------------9
2.4    Machine noise value    -------------------------------11
2.5    Main parts(figure)    ------------------------------11
2.6    Machine dimension(figure)    -----------------------13
2.7    Circuit diagram (the same: UV750、UV1000、UV1200)----13
3    Installation    ----------------------------------------15
3.1    Transit safety item    -------------------------------15
3.2    Transit method    ------------------------------------15
3.3    Installing place selection    ------------------------16
3.4    Installation method/(picture)    ---------------------16
3.5    Installation and level adjustment    -----------------16
3.6    Power source requirement    --------------------------17
3.7    Exterior power source connection    ------------------17
3.8    Power source inspection    ---------------------------18
4    Operation    -------------------------------------------18
4.1    Operation position(figure)    ------------------------18
4.2    Operation panel instruction    -----------------------19
4.3    Emergence stop    ------------------------------------25
4.4    Operation precedure    -------------------------------26
4.5    Machine adjustment    --------------------------------27
5    Maintenance    -----------------------------------------28
5.1    Machine day、week、year maintenance    ---------------28
5.2    Machine lubrication    -------------------------------30
5.3    Machine malfunction and handling    ------------------30
6    Machine waste disposal    ------------------------------31
7    Safety and protection    -------------------------------32




It is apply to the special effects such as wrinkle, frosted refraction gem crystal and convex oil on the bullion paperboard, metal, glass, plastic, and also the UV curing of the offset printing ink on the offset press production.




1. With Teflon or stainless steel net, transmit speed steady and can be adjusted.

2. With two UV lighting tubes, can turn on the light according to the need.

3. Wink-dry makes the surface of the stocks high hardness and rub resistance.

4. Tunneling-based make the whole machine light barrier good and without harm.

5. Equipped with powerful nether induced draughe system and big intake airway, can absorbs the stock on the mesh belthard. It can be used with production line and other equipment easily.


Uv machine related knowledge
Application industry
Heavy material coating
Products: Surface UV coating of stone, artificial stone, table top, tile, floor, metal, etc.
Heavy duty UV
Heavy duty UV
Features: The coating is very thick and the UV must have a strong penetration.
Requirement: The weight of the material and the power of the conveying structure are sufficient to cut the bearing gravity.
Plastic automatic spraying
Products: All plastic shell products such as: mobile phone case, camera case, pen holder, game controller, etc.
Features: product profile, all-dimensional stereo illumination, high brightness requirements, fast production speed
Requirements: Omni-directional layout of UV lamps, UV room is very high cleanliness, UV energy, product rotation
Water glue bonding: commonly used FPD / PC / TP and other processes

UV adhesive: the most common application of electronics
Wood automatic painting
Products: wooden doors, guitars, speakers, drum casings, etc.
Features: Three-dimensional all-round illumination of special-shaped surface, thick coating, high energy requirement
Requirements: All-dimensional three-dimensional layout UV lamp cover, evenly covering each joint surface, strong UV energy
Fully automatic printing
Products: stickers, trademarks, color pages, all-round / half-turn printing, lithography, gravure printing
Fully automatic printing UV
Fully automatic printing UV
Features: fast speed, low temperature, strong energy, rich ink color, shading performance, linkage shading performance
Requirements: high strength, high penetration, low temperature design, shutter design
Semi-automatic printing
Products: plastic case, paper, film, etc.
Conveying UV machine
Conveying UV machine
Features: conveyor type, low temperature type, high productivity
Requirements: mesh belt transport UV, low temperature design, high energy
Automatic glazing
Products: paper, veneer, imitation wood, film, etc.
Features: high speed, low temperature (current speed has customer requirements 100M/min)
Requirements: high strength, shutter linkage design, low temperature design
Sole illumination
Product: EVA soles thickened
Features: fast, low temperature, stereo illumination
Requirements: 13M/min production speed, low temperature design, stereo illumination


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