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infrared tunnel dryer

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Product Description


IR tunnel furnace section
(A) specifications and configuration:
1. Tunnel furnace size: the total length of 19 meters, the net width of 1.5 meters, 1.86 meters wide, with a total height of 1.55 meters, the material part of the length of 1 m, drying part of 11 meters long, divided into 7 segments, of which 6 for heating , 1 section for the UV area, feeding part of the length of 1 m, the cooling area of ​​4.0 m, divided into 2 sections, drying and cooling part of the buffer zone between the 0.5 m (see drawings planning), the bottom of the belt Height of 0.85 meters, the body beam bracket and box shell made of cold rolled steel plate 2.0 mm thick, the whole shell high temperature electrostatic spray (non-ordinary paint) corrosion-resistant easy to clean, rack with 60 × 120 mm square Through welding, rack at the bottom with 16 mm adjustable foot cup.Each rack with 60mm * 40mm side through connections.
2. Drying section: divided into 6 sections of furnace cavity, each 1.833 meters, furnace cavity length of 11 meters.The liner material is made of 1.2mm thick SUS # 201 mirror stainless steel plate, the total cavity height 0.4m, feed net height 0.12 M, set adjustable baffle, the middle 120 mm thick silicate heat insulation rock wool, mesh belt at the bottom with a high-temperature insulation layer. So that the outside of the furnace is not hot. The top is equipped with inlet and exhaust valve, can adjust the indoor air flow, the temperature is more uniform. Each section of the lid can be turned up to open the independence.Easy to clean and repair the furnace.
3. Electrical parts: power three-phase AC380V, 240A, three-phase five-wire system, power 120KW, using 5KW Taiwan love Deli inverter frequency control, with Taiwan Edel power 5KW speed motor, 155 gear box, speed Ratio of 1: 120, with transmission gears and transmission chain, the transmission speed of 0.2 to 5 m / min adjustable, with independent control system, each cavity with Taiwan's Edeliness licensing wind motor a Taiwan, with 6-inch Half of the transport wind wheel, a total of: 6 sets of wind motor, each 0.37KW. To make the furnace temperature is more uniform; each furnace cavity equipped with far infrared hood quartz heating tube 12, a total of 72, Evenly distributed in the furnace chamber with the internal transmission belt at the bottom with a heat insulation layer, the thickness of 100mm, the furnace temperature is not hot (temperature below 50 degrees)
4. Control part: each cavity with separate control box and temperature control system. Each section of the temperature can be independently controlled and displayed, easy to set a different temperature. Thermostat RKC microcomputer intelligent digital temperature controller, the temperature Room temperature to 200 ℃ arbitrary adjustable, dual thermostat control (with over-temperature limit thermostat to prevent loss of control due to the main temperature controller and damage their products) PID self-tuning function of the control, automatic temperature, Electric alarm, leakage protection, motor overload protection and other functions, the internal temperature difference of ± 3 degrees; sub-six 12-way control (when the set temperature can be arbitrarily turned off several heating tubes, reducing heating power, effect). The other control circuit electrical appliances are imported Mitsubishi and Fujitsu electrical control; in the head and tail of the silk screen room to add a display of each section of the furnace independent temperature control box (only to participate in the display temperature, set the control temperature required in each section of the furnace Cavity independent control box) UV part of the control of electrical equipment are also all installed in this electrical box in order to operate.Adjust the conveyor belt speed regulator is also installed in the electrical box to facilitate the operator to monitor the temperature inside the furnace, Front and rear with emergency stop button to ensure safety with a multi-color indicator, you can always monitor the furnace work and failure of the chain is equipped with anti-jamming and alarm device.Extensive emergency stop button to ensure safety.
5. Transmission parts:

Transmission part: The feed area is equipped with auxiliary roller 3, the material area with 3, roller surface covered with silicone, which can effectively prevent the product when the scratch product, roller speed and belt speed synchronous movement, conveyor belt carbon steel Double-pitch chain drive, the chain between the use of 4-point double-pitch chain, the middle of the chain with 1.5mm thick stainless steel bending plate connection, spacing of 10 cm for each board, and then flattened in the stainless steel plate imported black iron Teflon mesh belt, Teflon mesh belt with two bags on the edge of the uniform red holes, with screws to fix the chain plate, in the tunnel furnace upper and lower chain drag rail track, both before and after the active and passive large Wheel, so that is not conducive to scratches the belt with the network side.
UV portion
(A) specifications and configuration requirements:
1. Light source: 3 sets of imported 7KW UV light source. With the Japanese original halogen lamp, before and after evenly distributed in the furnace (with step-up transformer, reflector, lamp, capacitor), the installation of UV mirror reflector, greatly improving the utilization of ultraviolet light up to 35%. Each group of UV lamps can be individually controlled, each tube can be individually adjusted semi-light / all-optical, with adjustable angle adjustment mechanism, can be about, up and down height adjustment (adjustable angle of 90 degrees) Tube angle adjustment device, the top lid are equipped with adjustable UV lamp up and down the height of the handle handle for different specifications. Multi-faceted products UV light solid. (Total length 1100mm, the effective distance 1050mm, wavelength 365nm) equipped with automatic timer, the lamp can be monitored at any time, to facilitate the replacement lamp. Each lamp is equipped with imported quartz insulated glass, effectively prevent its infrared heat radiation to the product, so as to avoid the product by the temperature is too high and deformation. (UV control electrical equipment installed in the silk screen room control box)
2. Ventilation: the use of forced air cooling, UV zone unique blinds into the air inlet and independent of the door can be opened at any time to facilitate cleaning, with large wind centrifugal exhaust fan 3, each 0.55KW, the next exhaust fan 2, Taiwan 0.75KW, built-in four small inlet air inlet fan, effectively reduce the product and the UV furnace temperature and improve lamp life.
Temperature control: Japan-made PID regulator temperature controller, with the Taiwan-made solid-state relay Transmission speed: 0 ~ 10m / min, continuously variable, the number of the whole show.. Temperature range: room temperature to 100 ℃ temperature control accuracy: ± 3 ℃. Machine power: 16.2kw, 380V, 50HZ Structural features Main structure: steel welding, cover plate using high-quality steel molding, the surface rust and then electrostatic spray heating hood: the outer layer of high-quality steel molding, electrostatic spray all Made of stainless steel, the middle filling insulation cotton Exhaust system: 4-φ90mm adjustable exhaust port, arranged in the heating mantle of the upper Transmission system: stainless steel conveyor chain Heating system: straight rod-shaped stainless steel heater Temperature control system: Temperature controller, with Taiwan's solid-state relays, a total of four sets of drive motor: 0.55kw, YCT series magnetic speed motor voltage indication: a voltmeter, indicating the machine's operating voltage and current display: ammeter 4, Heater operating current UV main parameters Drive motor: 0.2kw gear motor, inverter control Transmission speed: 2 ~ 11m / min, stepless transmission, digital display Transmission system: stainless steel conveyor chain UV light source: 4 × 5kWUV lamp / (2 side) according to the side angle: 10 ~ 60 ° exhaust air volume: 4 × 16m3 / min machine power: 22.2kw, 380V, 50HZ structural characteristics of the main equipment using steel welding, high quality steel forming welding, Rust and then electrostatic spray. The irradiation area is a stainless steel reflective bottom plate and is equipped with a temperature sensor, and the temperature of the irradiation area is displayed on the operation panel in a digital display mode. The irradiation area is divided into two horizontal irradiation zones and one side irradiation area. Each UV lamp is equipped with a strong, low light selector switch. Adjustable UV lamp irradiation height 100 ~ 180mm (need to open the cover). Adjust the illumination angle of the side light tube 10 ~ 60 ° (need to open the cover). With UV lamp ammeter, lighting timer, lighting completion indicator. Aluminum alloy forming mirror reflector. To reduce the operating temperature and reduce lamp loss. Large flow of exhaust design, can quickly discharge the heat and exhaust gas in the work area.


Stepless dimming system of the lamp in the early stage, 3 8kw in the later stage, which can be applied to more kinds of inks with different effects
The longer the Heating Leveling Machine, the better,
The cooling zone is optional. The reason why it is recommended to increase the zone is that the product stacks are slightly stuck without cooling, and there will be abnormal noises when they are peeled off and separated.




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IR infrared ray tunnel IR infrared ray tunnel

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