MDF UV curing machine

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Product Description

UV light curing machine for MDF plate powder spraying production line

Machine model TG-60C TG-80C TG-130C
Processing width 600mm 800mm 1300mm
Processing thickness 1 00mm 100m 100m
Processing speed 0-16m/min 0-16m/min 0-16m/min
total equipment power 18kw 18kw 31kw
equipment weight 950kg 1180kg 1550kg
Device Dimensions LxWxH 2000x 1700x 1450mm 2000x 1900x 1450mm 2000x 2200x 1450mm

Carbon emissions have become a global focus, and the best solution for medium density fiberboard (MDF) furniture parts to control VOC emissions is UV curing powder coating technology.
Tamprinter uv infrared combination dryer in response to the carbon emission trend.
Powder coating has long been used to coat metal parts because it is an efficient, no VOC, single-coat process that provides a high-quality, durable finish.

Process features:

Instant drying: Using the principle of UV curing, the paint on the board can be cured instantly within 3-5 seconds;

Shorten the process time: the paint does not need to wait for drying, and the workpiece is immediately transferred to the next process;

Saving drying space: instant curing through ultraviolet rays, effectively improving the utilization rate of the production site;

Choose the corresponding light curing form according to different paint types: transparent UV-mercury lamp curing, solid color UV-gallium lamp + mercury lamp curing, solid color UV [thick coating film]---gallium lamp + iron lamp + mercury lamp curing

According to the shape of different paint processing parts, you can choose: plane, side, three-dimensional curing and other paint drying forms;

Scope of application:

Panel furniture, flooring, cabinet slabs, glass, wooden doors, external wall insulation boards, decorative building materials and other industries;

Use features:

1. Principle: Use ultraviolet rays to instantly cure flat UV paint panels;

2. Application: According to the thickness and shape of the workpiece, it can meet a variety of irradiation angles and heights;

3. Maintenance: Flip-type imported lamp group provides convenience for cleaning the light source and replacing the UV lamp;

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