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uv dryer for Auto Swing Cylinder Screen Printing

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1 set

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Product Description

uv curing machine for Automatic Swing Cylinder Screen Printing   

Technical Parameters:






Transport belt width




Max Paper Size

720*520 mm

780*540 mm

1020*720 mm

Sheet thickness

100-350 g/m2

100-350 g/m2

100-350 g/m2

UV lamp

8KW X 3pcs

8KW X 3pcs

8KW X 3pcs


600-3600 pcs/h

1000-3600 pcs/h

1000-3600 pcs/h

Driving Power (W):









3P4N 50/60Hz  380V

3P4N 50/60Hz  380V

3P4N 50/60Hz  380V


4090*1110*1600 mm

4090*1260*1610 mm

4090*1560*1620 mm

Working principle:

1, UV (Ultraviolet) is an ultraviolet light. In the application of curing, mainly through the irradiation of the ultraviolet, making the sensitive material generates polymeric cross-linking reaction, so that the ink achieves the purpose of drying and curing in a short time.

2, Comparison with the traditional self-drying and infrared drying, UV (Ultraviolet) has the quality of high gloss, high hardness, high wear resistance and solvent resistance, etc. on its cured products.


Widely used for the field of drying UV ink, UV coating for UV spray finishing, processing after paper's UV printing, UV glue, UV tests. 

It is very adapt to high-end packaging products, such as frosted, wrinkles, refraction, ice flowers, foam, polishing and so on.

Function and feature:

1, Well-designed cooling system reduces the heat generated by the light source, so as to avoid high temperature leaving some products (such as paper, PVC film) affected and deformed.

2, Electronic variable speed, speed is stable, sensitivity is adjustable.

3, High quality light source, long operating life, it can start instantly and access to normal brightness quickly.

4, Good stability and good environmental adaptability. During the use, energy output evenly, and after the prolonged uses, there is no significant change in the spectral distribution.

5, Strong exhaust pump makes the article adsorbed on the conveyor belt, and difficult to drift and fall.

Auto swing cylinder screen printing machine series is a well-recognized auto flat screen press with high speed and high precision.
Automatic roller screen printing machine SINGE-color automatic paper plane screen printing machine
especially with UV ink for colors such as golden and silvery of Ceramics sticker,Package,Label and Cards, and etc. It’s vivid colors, stereoscopic effect and strong covering achieves a superior postions over other print presses.

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uv dryer machineuv dryer machine

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