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Ice Flower effect UV dryer

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Product Description

UV snow effect, UV Ice effect,

Length is 6~8M

UV lamp: Start 2pcs * 8KW + Next 4pcs * 8KW ,




Widely used for the field of drying UV ink, UV coating for UV spray finishing, processing after paper's UV printing, UV glue, UV tests. 

Added a batch of fans for cooling. The surface is still 50-80 degrees from the UV tunnel. Direct stacking has a drawback. When you separate the sheets one by one, it makes a "crack" sound,0.5~1m fan area will better

The back of the paper is very rough without this problem, very smooth is recommended to increase the cooling area

Because you are printing paper, not plastic, there is no UV cold light mirror installed in the luminous area to block out the infrared,Prevent sheet thermal deformation

Function and feature:


1, Well-designed cooling system reduces the heat generated by the light source, so as to avoid high temperature leaving some products (such as paper, PVC film) affected and deformed.

2, Electronic variable speed, speed is stable, sensitivity is adjustable.

3, High quality light source, long operating life, it can start instantly and access to normal brightness quickly.

4, Good stability and good environmental adaptability. During the use, energy output evenly, and after the prolonged uses, there is no significant change in the spectral distribution.

5, Strong exhaust pump makes the article adsorbed on the conveyor belt, and difficult to drift and fall.


Additional Info.

Price Terms      --                EXW ,   FOB , CIF
Payment Terms---               T/T or LC    
Packing ----                         Plywood    
Lead Time ----                     25 days after confirm Payment    
SKU ----                              1 SETS    
Standards Certificate ---       CE   


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Payment Terms︰ TT/LC/Western Union

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UV Tunnel DryerUV Tunnel Dryer

Ice effec UV machineIce effec UV machine

UV DryerUV Dryer

 UV drying machine UV drying machine

desktop UV printing equipmentdesktop UV printing equipment

UV OvenUV Oven

portable uv curing machineportable uv curing machine

UV Drying machineUV Drying machine

UV Curing MachineUV Curing Machine

UV Curing MachineUV Curing Machine

UV Lamp Drying UV Lamp Drying

UV Light Curing Systems UV Light Curing Systems