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Screen Remeshing manual stretching Machine

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 Pulling mesh machine or name Stretching machine is the screen version of the system essential equipment, the principle is: the screen with a certain tension taut in the frame. The market is divided into: manual and pneumatic stretching machine stretching machine two kinds; wherein, manual stretching machine is divided into layering style and chuck type two. Manual layering Stretching machine because the cost is relatively low, as the preferred printing industry. (Left removable layering Stretching machine) is dedicated to supporting the stretching machine auxiliary machinery screen printing plate making, which the mesh with constant tension taut on the frame, as the printing plate support critical equipment. On the market, mainly in pneumatic and mechanical two Stretching more common

15 components + a bag of accessories assembled


HS CODE:8479899990

Common faults and solutions editor

Pneumatic Stretching Machine
Chuck clip is not tight mesh ------ adjustment screw chuck top; replace rubber layering.
Chuck telescopic inconsistent ------ regulating flow valve so that a consistent amount of intake air; piston rod excessive dust should be clean and lubricate; whether the oil or drip lubricator.
Mechanical Stretching Machine
Chuck clip is not tight mesh ------ adjustment screw chuck top; replace rubber layering.
Mechanical part movement is not flexible ------ require periodic cleaning equipment gear, rack and rails, and note lubricants.
Have oil pneumatic top network device. Fixed height adjustment cylinder and gas should be appropriate to avoid bursting has a certain tension in the mesh.
Routine maintenance edit
--- Class must ensure drainage filters drainage
--- Check the slide rail lubrication
--- Check the machine operating range without foreign body jam
--- Clean the machine surface
--- Whole week must ensure lubrication, oiling
--- Mechanical parts inspection, fastening
Editing tips
Soft line approach stroke, the clamping force of each chuck observation is consistent.


1. First adjust the dragnet of the area according to the frame size, and then Caster lock
2. Select the appropriate screen frame holder and place it on net machine
3. Adjusting hand wheel so that the distance between the tips of the frame in 5-6mm, in order to avoid the dragnet process due to the mesh tension increases, mesh network frame to withstand rupture caused by gauze.
4. Flare mesh, edge fixed mesh with net clip, and then slowly rotate the rack sides of the hand wheel, make gauze slowly in tension, and so forth, until the entire network yarn tension substantially equal so far tension summarized mesh size of mesh and texture may be, net after a good best sheets for final inspection, pay attention to tension meter: net yarn tension can not be a pull in place, must be separated several times, for example: widening net force demand 40n, first pulled 15n, after a minimum of five minutes of residence, and so forth just pulled 20n dragnet before.
5. Adjusting hand wheel, so that the net increase in the frame, pay attention to the frame evenly catenary yarn, then coated with glue in place Garcinia screen frame and mesh contact, Note: You must wait for the glue dry later, before the screen frame with net Remove the yarn together.
6. So after stretching finished, flip the valve, so that the hand of reincarnation to the initial position, turn off the power.
1) Hand wheel; when the rotary hand wheel to the left, mesh under tension, when the rotary hand wheel to the right mesh in a relaxed state.
2) Caster; when you want to adjust the net machine dragnet Caster area first to loosen the screw
3) Fixed feet; fixed support throughout the dragnet machine.
4) Cup head screws; When you want to adjust the position of the hand wheel on the rack, first loosen the screws to secure the handwheel.
5) Rack
6) net folder; when pulling mesh for fixing mesh four sides in order to achieve the best in use screen.
7) The frame carriage
8) universal handle; when the adjustment dragnet machine dragnet area, loosen the four sides of the universal handle, in order to adjust the net machine when the cylinder is in the frame four sides diagonal.

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