Printing IR Tunnel Machine

coat spraying dedicated tunnel oven drying line

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US $ 30000 / SET

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Product Description

Unique performance
Liner mirror surface is made of stainless steel, with better clean class;
Inside is made of high-quality insulation material, with good insulation effect;
Fast temperature rise, stable and precise temperature;
Double over-heating protection, electric controlled, safe and reliable;
Conveyor belt is frequency controlled, conveying speed is stable and adjustable;
Conveyor belt anti-draft device is set, conveyor belt tightness is adjustable;
Intelligent temperature controller, PID auto calculation, LED display;
Imported SSR/SCR output control unit, high temperature control precision;
Domestic first class heat insulation technology, excellent sealing effect;
Low temperature of machine shell, small influence on indoor ambient temperature;
Energy efficient, power saving, safe and environmental

Customer optional configuration
Can be filled with nitrogen for protection and realizing non-oxidation drying environment.
Color, temperature control system, conveyor system can be selected according to the customer requirement; 

Color selection legend

Customer can designate color according to the color chart.


Match different charging trays/trolleys according to the dried product, the material includes baking varnish, electroplate color zinc, stainless steel, etc., dimension, specification can realize non-standard customization, welcome to telephone to consult.

optional item

Optional control system

Button switch control

Touch screen human-computer interface

Optional conveyor belt

Stainless steel net belt

Teflon net/cloth belt

Attachment chain conveyor belt

Chain board conveyor belt

Bi-pitch chain through rod conveyor belt

PCB conveyor chain

Glass industry conveyor system

PVC belt

High temperature resistant canvas conveyor belt

Trolley conveying

Drum type conveying 

Non-standard customized conveyor system

Temperature control optional equipment

Temperature recorder

multi-channel color screen paperless recorder

multi-channel paper recorder

Imported PARTLOW circle diagram temperature recorder

Imported YOKOGAWA 48 channel temperature recorder

Record group

Portable temperature recorder group 12 points

IR computer temperature recorder group 12~48 points

Touch screen +PLC

Weinview 7




IPC Ethernet remote monitoring

Timer 30 points, imported LED digital timer, 0-9999 S/M/H can be set, MM/DD/YY programmable timer

Electric power output, electric power auto adjuster according to SSR, SCR, SSPR, etc.

Air circulation legend

Single side air supply type

Double side air supply type

Double side air supply anti-explosion

Thermal radiation ascending type

All-round radiation type

Thermal radiation irradiation type

Hot air radiation type

Hot air radiation type


Cooling system


Industrial cooler

Draught fan forced cooling

FFU cooling

Product Image

Printing IR Tunnel MachinePrinting IR Tunnel Machine