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  • Stamping die raw material hot stamping silicone plate
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  • Hot Stamping Silicone Rubber Sheet

Hot Stamping Silicone Rubber Sheet

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US $ 265 / pc

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5 pc

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Product Description

Hot Stamping Silicone Rubber Sheet


We also manufacture Silicone Rubber Sheet which is fit to be used in Printing and decorating on Plastic and paper printing. Silicone sheets are metal bonded and available with various rubber compounds prepared to withstand temperature upto 350 C. Sheets available in 3D form for uneven surface/parts.

Features :

  • Light weight
  • Easy to use
  • Premium quality

1) high pressure times, good deformation recovery
2) imported adhesive, aluminum and adhesive layer of good adhesion
3) special vulcanization process manufacturing, long life
4) excellent thermal conductivity
5) Excellent flatness
6) with good flexibility, high temperature 250 - 300 degrees above, heat transfer characteristics fast
Product performance:
1) Specifications: conventional 300mm × 600mm / 400mm * 600mm
2) Hardness: (40 °, 50 °, 60 °, 70 °, 80 °, 90 °)
3) Temperature: (280 ° -350 °)
4) Silica gel thickness (1.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 5.0 mm, 8.0 mm, 10.0 mm)
5) Thickness of aluminum plate: (0.5 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 3.0 mm, 5.0 mm, 8.0 mm)
1, red
2, white
3, blue (other colors can be customized)
Scope of application:
1, cosmetics box of the bronzing
2, the pen of the bronzing
3, crafts of the bronzing
4, plastic products, bronzing
5, instrument plastic shell, nameplate bronzing
6, the printed surface of the bronzing
7, building materials, decorative materials, bronzing
Applicable machines:
1, bronzing machine
2, heat transfer machine

Silicone plate for hot stamping 


Silicone area

SILICONE + Aluminum   


600X300  (12”X24”) 



45  50  60  70  80  90 degree

600X300  (12”X24”) 


600X300  (12”X24”) 

5.0mm+1.5mm=6.5 mm

600X300  (12”X24”) 


600X300  (12”X24”) 


600X300  (12”X24”) 


600X300  (12”X24”) 


600X300  (12”X24”) 


600X300  (12”X24”) 


SILICONE Thickness + Thickness of the aluminum bottom =Thickness

1.  Plate:  film or pattern area within  20cm2, the lowest production costs 30usd

2.  More than 20cm2, each increase 1cm2 add 1usd per cm2

3.  Price of arc or shaped and large hot stamping Silicone plate are negotiable.

4.  Price Terms: EXW factory.

5.  Lead Time:  2 days after get your drawing.  It take more time if the product with complex detail or very difficult

6.  The copy hot stamping Silicone plate 20% discount, because of using the same mould. 

7.  Most of the situation hardness is shore A 65degree -85 degree (e.g., plastic). For soft product (e.g., clothes), silicone hardness is lower.
For paper, recommend use copper plate mould. 

8.  According to the specific customer requirements.

How to choose silicone hot stamping plate: 


Nowadays ,the hardness of silicone hot stamping printed are more than 60 , mostly are round 80. If the hardness is too low, the silicone strip will deformation under high temperature and high pressure , stamping result is not satisfactory . Resilience will not good if the hardness is too high, and the edge of silicone products will extension and Cementation is not strong .Maybe the products will appear burr. 

 Grass roots of silicone  hot stamping should be 3mm aluminum plate , in order to make sure the Bond Strength and the service life in high temperature and high pressure.

Classification of hot stamping plate: 


1. Hand-engraved version: early bronzing, high cost, low precision, the consumption of artificial now based on the. 

2. Engraving steel plate: the bronzing early, high cost now basically very few people. 

3. Etched copperplate: mainly used for paper bronzing. Higher cost than the zinc plate, but durable than the zinc plate.

4. Copper engraving templates: mainly used for leather, velvet paper, velvet bronzing.

5. Etching zinc plate: Mainly used in paper packaging box bronzing, lower cost, more people use.

6. Gilt etching mold silicone version: mainly used for plastic products bronzing printing. Advantages: line thickness precision; precise pattern of sharp corners. Disadvantages: You can not directly do the silicone version of the arc.

7.Carving mold silicone version: mainly used in plastic products bronzing printing. Advantages: a direct arc silica gel plate.
Disadvantages: precise lines and sharp corners by carving knives.

8. Engraving silica gel plate: Mainly used in plastic products bronzing printing. Advantages: Low cost ratio of gilt etching silicone mold Edition and bronzing engraving mold silicone version. Disadvantages: not smooth lines teeth side.



Payment Terms︰ TT/Western Union

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Stamping die raw material hot stamping silicone plate  Stamping die raw material hot stamping silicone plate

Stamping die raw materialStamping die raw material

Silicone plateSilicone plate

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