• TPU 80-250um Hot Melt Powder for heat transfer  Directly Sold by Manufacturers
  • TPU 80-250um Hot Melt Powder for heat transfer  Directly Sold by Manufacturers
  • TPU 80-250um Hot Melt Powder for heat transfer  Directly Sold by Manufacturers
  • TPU 80-250um Hot Melt Powder for heat transfer  Directly Sold by Manufacturers
  • TPU 80-250um Hot Melt Powder for heat transfer  Directly Sold by Manufacturers
  • TPU 80-250um Hot Melt Powder for heat transfer  Directly Sold by Manufacturers

TPU 80-250um Hot Melt Powder for heat transfer Directly Sold by Manufacturers

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20 kg

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Product Description

TPU hot melt powder for white ink
Heat press polyurethane hot melt powder for clothing
soft ,Strong elasticity and strong adhesion

[Curing time] 10 seconds
[Operating temperature] 140Celsius
[Softening point] 105Celsius
[product color] white
I Features] This product has the excellent characteristics of soft hand feeling, good rebound and washable
[Application] Mainly used for elastic textiles, leather, shoe materials and other marks, offset heat transfer printing and dusting process

Product Description

Source manufacturer, stable supply, reliable quality, and trustworthy
The society is progressing, and the times are also progressing with it. People's pursuits and likes are also very different from those before. In the ranks of fashion trends, clothing is particularly prominent. However, the patterns in the clothing industry need to use a technology of "hot stamping", which adds a kind of decorative beauty to clothing. The so-called hot stamping is a process similar to heat transfer printing. The TPU hot melt adhesive powder can be evenly spread on the film through the powder spreading process, and then the film is pressed onto the clothing fabric for use. This new process is qualitatively different from the traditional glue coating process in terms of both production and customer experience.

Features: 1. non-toxic, tasteless and solvent free volatilization

2. Good operability

3. No irritation to human skin

4. Good washability.

TPU hot melt adhesive powder is a new type of polymer environment-friendly hot melt adhesive. It is a combination of economy and quality requirements. It can be washed at 60 degrees. It has high and low temperature resistance and flexibility, making it widely used in fiber textiles. It is one of the indispensable materials in products such as heat transfer printing, hot stamping, and adhesive interlining.

TPU hot melt powder is a white powder with different particle sizes of rubber powder, including 250-400um for coarse powder, 80-250um for medium powder and 0-80um for fine powder. Different specifications of rubber powder can be customized according to customer needs. Coarse powder is mainly used for flocking transfer printing. Medium powder is mainly used for hot stamping powder spreading process. TPU hot melt powder can be evenly spread on the hot stamping film through the powder spreading process with strong adsorption. It is required that there is no fine powder residue, good washing fastness and no blocking. The fine powder is mainly used to disperse in the glue. The glue made of TPU hot melt powder has the characteristics of goo

Hot melt powder, some writing hot melt powder. It is named for its appearance as a translucent granule and powder. It is a fine chemical, ie industrial gelatin. People are also accustomed to call it hot melt, or hot melt gelatin. It is light yellow or amber in color and has no unpleasant smell. This product is a protein partially hydrolyzed from the collagen in the connective or epidermal tissue of animals. Its molecular weight is 1-100,000, containing 18 kinds of amino acids. In addition to water and inorganic salts with a content of less than 16%, the protein content is more than 82%.
Physical and chemical properties:
It is not easy to dissolve in cold water, but it can slowly absorb cold water to expand and soften, and its weight can increase by 5 to 10 times. It is easily soluble in warm water and forms a gel when cooled. The melting point of the gel is between 24-28°C, and the difference between its solubility and the solidification temperature is very small. It can be dissolved in hot mixture of acetic acid, glycerin, urea, thiourea, etc. and water, and insoluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, ether, chloroform, gasoline, etc. Hot melt, sometimes written as hot melt adhesive, is a kind of fine chemical, that is, industrial gelatin.
Product Usage:
Mainly used in photo adhesive paper, banknote coating, cosmetic hairspray, electroplating liquid, polishing and polishing, emery cloth sandpaper, handicraft pasting, matches, wood furniture and other industries. Automatic forming line equipment used in various gift boxes, mobile phone boxes, moon cake boxes, shoe boxes, hardcover book covers, file boxes, file folders, clothing boxes, heaven and earth cover packaging boxes, etc. Paste machine use).
High temperature resistance, low temperature resistance. Using this product can prevent white latex from shrinking, becoming moldy, and drying slowly; it can also increase the hardness of the product, which is not easy to deform and discount, has strong viscosity, is soft to fold, and is odorless. After use, there will be no degumming due to low temperature.
product instructions:
(1) Soak the rubber powder and water at a ratio of 1:1.5~3 (that is, 1 part of rubber powder plus 1:1.5~3 parts of room temperature water) for 40-60 minutes, and then indirectly heat and dissolve after absorbing water and swelling. Heating, the sol temperature is controlled below 75°C. (2) Animal glue will solidify into jelly when the temperature is low. For example, in winter, the temperature is relatively low, the air humidity is low, and the glue cools down faster, so the temperature of the glue can be higher, and the action should be faster during operation. Speed; in summer, the temperature in the room is high and the air humidity is high, so the temperature used for glue should be lower, and the operation can be slow. (3) In order to eliminate part of the foam, solve the condensation on the surface of the glue, make the concentration of the glue consistent, and solve the fluidity of the glue, the dissolved glue should be stirred frequently. (4) The glue should be used at normal temperature. Therefore, when water needs to be added to the glue, hot water with the same temperature as the glue should be added, and cold water cannot be added directly. (5) The rubber box should be cleaned regularly. It is recommended to wash the rubber box and mechanical rubber wheels with warm water after the work day is completed every day. (6) In order to reduce impurities entering the glue pump and the surface of the pasting material, a magnet can be placed at the pump suction port of the glue box.
Precautions for use:
When using this product, one is to pay attention to how much to use and how much to soak. Do not leave the glue for more than half a day, so as not to affect the quality. Second, when soaking in water, it must be soaked in normal temperature water, and hot water cannot be added. Adding hot water will cause the colloid to not be completely dissolved or it will take a long time to dissolve, and particles similar to impurities will appear, or the glue will not have enough viscosity. Avoid high temperature when melting the glue, and the time should not be too long. If the temperature is too high, the viscosity will decrease, the base of the glue will be easily aged, and it will also produce a strong smell. Third, this product is easy to absorb moisture and should be placed in a dry and high place. If it is not properly stored, moisture absorption and agglomeration will affect the quality.

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