• high gloss led uv ink for screen print
  • high gloss led uv ink for screen print
  • high gloss led uv ink for screen print
  • high gloss led uv ink for screen print
  • high gloss led uv ink for screen print

high gloss led uv ink for screen print

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395nm led

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US $ 50 / kg

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1 kg

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Product Description

Product Name: Tamprinter brand high gloss led uv ink for screen printing
Hs code:3906909000



 offset print or screen print led uv ink different.

365nm or 395nm led uv ink different.

For industries with high color requirements, the ink is not very mature, and the color will be different after drying ,dry second and third time color different, such as wine and cigarette boxes.
For self-adhesive and plastic sheets, products that are easily thermally deformed, the ink is very mature
If the requirements for color difference are very strict, please choose traditional uv ink temporarily. If slight color difference is acceptable, LED ink dryer can save a lot of electricity than Hg lamp uv machine

Ingredients content: Epoxy acrylate resin 60%, trimethylolpropane triacrylate 20%, hexanediol diacrylate 20% 
Mesh: 80T-168T ,250~400mesh
Wave Length of LED Lamp: 395nm 
Power of LED Lamp: >12mj/cm2 ,8-12w/sq cm
Printing Speed: 15-50m/min 



1.  Fast drying, good adhesion force, flexibility and gloss, has a good performance at bond  resistance and anti-scratch.
2.  Superior printability and recoatability, high brightness and high chroma, fine and smooth without misting.
3.  Excellent chemical resistance, resist scrubbing of most organic solvent, alkali, acid oil.
4. no bad smell, wont turn yellow after dry

Our shipping forwarders have rich experience in chemical field, and every shipment we will comare first and find you the most reasonable price with fast delivery, and we offer drop shipping.
1kg per can,12 cans in one carton box with protections.
carton box Size: 430*290*200mm 
Weight: 13kg/carton box

LED UV inks is made of high quality raw materials which is imported from America and Japan, with advance production technology, We have succeeded develop a new series product: LED-UV Screen High Gloss Varnish, cured by LED-UV Lamps, it is designed for full mold or spot varnishing to make key part stand out. It will be more and more popular in the future because it's absolute eco-friendly. 

graphic market and many printing companies and digital printers from all over the world, now a number of foreign companies have found their way to UV Spot.a new way of applying UV Spotcoats, spot varnishing spot painting, 

we specialize in all-over LED UV lacquers for screen printing. And we are unique in that! 

It gives the finishing touch to the printed matter, so that your printed matter jumps out and stands in 'the spotlight'! 

Suitable substrate:  paper, stick paper,cardboard,plastic sheet,AL plate,BOPP matt film, PVC, PC, ABS, KT board, synthetic paper, etc.
Scope of application:  ads  industry, daily chemical packaging  industry , electronic packaging  industry, etc.
using life :  after open the cans 6 month .
Scope of Application: Liquor and tobacco packaging, daily necessary products packagin, electronic products packaging, food packaging, album of painting, etc. 

basic introduction 

Led ultraviolet (UV) curing technology has been widely used, from furniture to fiber optic cables and optical lenses, and is still expanding into new applications. Screen printing UV ink curing technology has been in the US and Australian markets Absolute advantage, despite its unbalanced development in Europe, but the growth is very fast, UV curing technology will make the screen printing process out of the trough to prosperity. 

UVLED ink is an ink that can be cured instantly by ultraviolet radiation. The curing time is less than 1 second, and the common ink needs a high-energy drying device, which is very energy-saving. In addition, UV LED ink contains pigments, acrylic prepolymers and monomers, photosensitizers and other components, so it is called the ideal non-toxic, non-polluting and energy-saving environmentally friendly ink in the packaging field, suitable for paper, cardboard and metal. , glass, aluminum foil, plastic and other packaging substrates. 

Types of 

The UVLED ink family includes UVLED offset inks, UVLED flexo inks and UVLED screen printing inks. 

1, UVLED offset ink 

UVLED offset ink has the characteristics of no volatile organic solvent, low pollution, fast curing speed and energy saving. It can be applied to printing of various packaging materials, such as paper, aluminum foil and plastic. Therefore, light offset offset inks have been widely used in the packaging of cigarettes, wine, medicine, beverages and other products. 

2, UVLED flexo ink 

UVLED flexo inks can be printed on absorbing/non-absorbent substrate surfaces, flat/rough substrate surfaces, and thin/thick substrate surfaces. It has good printability, low cost, energy saving and environmental protection, and has become a member of the new generation of green ink family. UVLED flexo inks have been recognized by customers in many packaging and printing fields, such as flexible packaging, cartons, labels and corrugated boxes. 

3, UVLED screen printing ink 

UVLED screen printing ink is another environmentally friendly ink design that has been rapidly developed today. It is energy-saving and non-toxic. Suitable for outdoor large-scale advertising printing, cigarette packets, wine boxes and cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging and other printing.

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