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Variable Frequency water based heat transfer paper drying tunnel

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Product Description

TM-VF Variable Frequency water based heat transfer paper drying tunnel
Also for heat press paper Variable Frequency Infrared tunnel oven dehumidifier, one of our hot-sell dryer, for dry water based heat transfer paper, here are some informations of this large infrared dryer



Dimension: 11 * 1.6 * 1.6m
Temperature: RT-100 ℃
section: 4
temperature control system: Digital
Belt width: 800mm
Belt Material: Teflon
Tunnel width: 820mm
stainless steel heat pipe: 780mm U style
inside circulating fan: 500W * 8pcs
circulating fan controll: Variable Frequency
exhaust moisture fan: 200W * 4pcs
Liner SUS: stainless steel
Total wattage: 25KW
Power: 380v 3phase 50hz
Conveyer speed: 0 ~ 25m / min
Belt Speed ​​adjustment: Variable Frequency
height of production: 0 ~ 100mm




1. hot air circulation inside energy saving, uniform heating. Wind makes film close Teflon mesh belt will not wrinkle, improve drying effect.
2, AB section as a group, two groups separate running, each group of 5 frequency converter control the 5 motors, exhaust moisture fan no control
3, Front cylinder 380mm stroke, Responsible for the hold up at the top lid, Easy to replace Lamp And Clean dust.
4, Dia 38mm stainless steel roller inside the tunnal, interval 600mm.Hold Teflon mesh belt.
5, The machine body is a closed box.
6, The surface of IR tunnel furnace use cold-rolled sheet and spray-paint plastic ornament.


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