• 3m Mug Ceramic Cup Heat Press Tunnel Infrared Drying Electric Heat Ovens
  • 3m Mug Ceramic Cup Heat Press Tunnel Infrared Drying Electric Heat Ovens
  • 3m Mug Ceramic Cup Heat Press Tunnel Infrared Drying Electric Heat Ovens
  • 3m Mug Ceramic Cup Heat Press Tunnel Infrared Drying Electric Heat Ovens
  • 3m Mug Ceramic Cup Heat Press Tunnel Infrared Drying Electric Heat Ovens
  • 3m Mug Ceramic Cup Heat Press Tunnel Infrared Drying Electric Heat Ovens
  • 3m Mug Ceramic Cup Heat Press Tunnel Infrared Drying Electric Heat Ovens

3m Mug Ceramic Cup Heat Press Tunnel Infrared Drying Electric Heat Ovens

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US $ 8000 / set

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1 set

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Product Description

tunnel oven for  heat press mug cup HS CODE 8514300090

or name Glass bottle drying machine/Air bottle dryer

Standard round cup 11OZ, small tapered cup, large tapered cup, MINI small round cup, MINI small tapered cup can all have the same heat transfer printing effect as the heat press baking cup machine, and special specifications can be customized.
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After-sales Service: 10 Year
Warranty: 2 Year
Temperature: 150~250 Celsius
Heat Part: Infrared Heat Stainless Steel Finned 20kw (Top and
Belt to Ground: 1m
Plywood Size: 308*101*203cm

Basic Info.

Model NO.TM-IR-MUG600-3M

Cbm 6.315


Internal Circulation Fan1PCS

Belt1 Stainless Steel Mesh Belt Drive Via Chain

Belt Width 0.6 M

Speed Controllers Adjust 0,12~0.34m/Minute

Tunnel Oven HS code 8514300090

Length 3 M =Inlet 0.3m+2.4m Oven+ Outlet 0.3m

Power 380~400V3phase

Transport Package Plywood

Specification CE

Trademark Tamprinter

Origin China(Mainland)

Production Capacity 50 Sets/Month

Tunnel furnace introduction

1. Technical parameters

Drying part length 8000* net height 250* inner width 600mm
Total length 12000*height 1350*width 940mm; L10000*H1350*W940mm
The length of the feeding part is 1000mm
the length of the discharging part is 1000mm
the length of the drying part is  8000mm
which is divided into  sections 4,There are adjustment baffles at the front and back of the drying area. 
The product feeding height is  250mm
the distance between the mesh belt and the ground is  750mm
Temperature range: adjustable  from room temperature to +200°C
Temperature fluctuation  ≤±1°C
Temperature uniformity:  ≤±5°C (no-load test)
Heating rate:  ≤8°C/min
Shell temperature: the shell temperature is  not higher than room temperature + 15 ℃, except for seams and furnace mouths;
Power supply:  three-phase five-wire system, 380V, 50HZ
Total power:  switchboard power is about 51KW

2. Structure

1. Shell material: 2mm thick Q235 cold-rolled steel plate (best in strength, plasticity and welding comprehensive performance) is bent and welded, and a temperature measuring hole with a probe is installed on the top of each furnace cover;
2. Surface treatment: After surface grinding, polishing, phosphating (which can increase the corrosion resistance of metal and the adhesion of paint), high-temperature plastic baking (large corrugated type) can prevent static electricity and corrosion resistance. The color is "Computer Grey".
3. Liner material: made of 1.5mm thick 201# stainless steel plate; keep the inner liner clean and dust-free, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant;
4. Bottom frame of the furnace body: made of 50*50*1.5mm square tube; maintain the load-bearing strength of each surface inside and outside the furnace body, and retain the coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction, which can prevent the deformation of the furnace body.
5. Insulation material: 100K encrypted aluminum silicate rock wool is used; it has the characteristics of non-combustibility and strong heat insulation, and the thickness is 100mm;
6. Conveyor belt: woven stainless steel mesh (chain type);
7. Heating tube lamp stand: made of stainless steel square welded, adjustable in height, adjustable range: 150 to 250mm;
8. Foot cups/casters: The bottom is equipped with adjustable foot cups/casters, which is convenient for adjusting the height and movement of the cabinet.
3. Control system
1. Wind motor: 0.37KW wind motor (4 sets);
2. Wind wheel: 9-inch multi-wing wind wheel;
3. Heating tube: medium-wave and far-infrared heating tube, 15 pieces per section, 850 watts each;
4. Temperature control thermostat: adopt Taiwan H961 microcomputer intelligent digital display thermostat; PV and SV dual LED display function; comes with PID automatic setting calculation output, precise control;
5. Over-temperature protection thermostat: Taiwan Yudian intelligent thermostat is adopted; PV and SV dual LED display functions; when the temperature exceeds the set value of the over-temperature protection thermostat, the heating power is automatically cut off;
6. Heating tube control: SSR solid state is used to control the heating of each group of heating tubes;
7. Temperature sensor: Omron 3-meter standard type, K-type thermocouple;
8. Others: The control appliances are all imported from Schneider and Omron.

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