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Singapore pc film infrared furnace screen printing membrane switch tunnel drying

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US $ 20800 / SET

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Product Description

video for membrane switch dedicated tunnel oven



Ambient temperature



Radiation + convection 

tunnel oven

8443192290 415v 3phase 50hz

Stainless steel 304 lining

11 m * 1m * 1.3m  

Inlet 2m  Outlet 1m

 4 zones ,2m per heat zones.


370W*4PCS Top fans (0.5Hp)

4 Axial fans via 1pcs VDF regulates speed

Black antistatic PTFE (Teflon) cloth belt no hole

belt width: 0.8 m  

Belt thickness 0.4mm 

Work temperature: 100 or 200 Celsius

Medium wave infrared carbon fiber heat tube on the top 36 pcs



All lamp 418v

4 cylinder Lift open oven cover

4 'Exit'=Exhaust gas or smoke exhaust (With control        Valve)

Free fitting

Spare 0.8m width 0.4mm thickness Black antistatic PTFE belt-----1 pcs

Spare Carbon fiber lamp---10pcs

Spare TM-UV400L Transformer---1 pcs 

Cabinet oven 8419899090 418v 3phase 50hz

Shape Size (L*W*H) mm 1640*0.95*2200

Weight 500kg

Inner size of box: (L*W*H) 1000*660*1500mm

Power (Kw) 12

Heat pipe 418v

Range of Temperature(℃) 20-200 

Stainless steel 304 lining 


Drying Rack


7326909000 Shelf dimensions 900 * 600 * 1450

Mesh size 800 * 500(fit 2pcs 3045 film)

50 layers*25mm layer spacing

no grid, 

Material stainless steel 304

4 inch wheels 

Temperature resistance 250 Celsius /60min 

Payment Terms︰ TT/Western Union/LC

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