tamprinter factory

Mainly for precision printing and color overprint

ESD electronics printer

use for SMT Splice Product print,

and Industrial Tape screen print ,

also can print Stencil clean rolls
Paper sticker/label
Membrane switch printing
Nameplate and logo sticker/label
Silk screen printing label/sticker
Disposable gloves

 thin sheet clean room screen printing equipment


1,  Electric printing runs smoothly, High precision printing;

2,  Cold light source , Drying sheet is not deformed;

3,  Energy saving and environmental protection, Suitable for clean room(dust-free workshop).

Packaging industry printer

 Box and Packing
Coloring Book
Coffee Table Photo Book Printing
Book Printing
Brochure Printing
Catalogue Printing
Cookbook Printing
Children Book Printing
Calendar Printing
Dictionary Printing
Magazine Printing
Notebook Printing
Publications Printing
Special Finishing Book Print
Textbook Printing
Year Book Printing
Yellow page Printing

screen printer+uv tunnel+IR tunnel

screen printer+IR tunnel

2 sets screen printer+IR tunnel+uv tunnel