Uv ink offset printing meets the requirements of high quality, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. It is suitable for the printing of plastic film and paper. Tamprinter offset UV machine has a tendency to be popular because of its many advantages:
1. No solvent,
2. Drying speed is fast,
3. The gloss is good,
4. Colorful,
5. Water resistant,
6. Solvent resistant,
7. Good wear resistance.

In the printing industry, whether it is offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing or coating drying, Tamprinter UV curing machine is often used, and UV bridge is added to offset printing, flexo printing and gravure printing machine to make up the equipment. Dry function and increase printing speed.

Traditional water-based ink or alcohol-soluble ink printing, the traditional infrared IR drying and drying method represented by hot air and medium-wave infrared heater drying tunnel, the shortage is obvious
1. In the coating and drying application, the surface of the coating layer is easily dried first, and the internal effect is not good;
2. When the ink is dried, the ink system will not be tight, it will be loose, and there will be powdery crumbs with fingers, but there is no fastness;
3, the temperature is not easy to control, will reduce the overprint stability, the substrate film deformation.
4. Risk of residual solvent exceeding the standard