Bottle Screen Printing Machine: The Complete Buying Guide

Whether you are a plastic bottle manufacturer, glass bottle manufacturer, plastic containers wholesaler, or packaging supply store owner, it is important to source bottle screen printing machines to make your products well printed in bulk. So, I have made this detailed bottle screen printing guide for you.

What you will get?

You’re going to learn everything you need to know about bottle screen printing equipment.

From basic components, working principle, bottle screen printing methods to quality standards.

I will take you through everything you need to know about bottle silk printing.

What is Bottle Screen Printing?

Bottle screen printing machine is also known as mug screen printing machine, round screen printing machine, and silk screen bottle printing machine, it allows you to:

  • Screen printing on water bottles for your personalized water bottles business
  • Printing on glass bottles for liquor manufacturers.
  • Printing on small bottles and tubes for your cosmetic business.

Silk Screen Printing (commonly referred to as Screen Printing ), is one of the most popular printing techniques in bottle packing industry. It provides long-term bottle decoration with the help of silk screen bottle printing equipment printing unique logo to bottles.

In fact, the bottle screen printing machine is mostly known as cylindrical screen printing machinesilk screen bottle printing machine or mug screen printing machine. It’s designed not only for bottle printing, but also for printing on the surface of other round, oval, square and special shape containers. No matter what material containers you want to print, such as plastic, glass and metal, a well-designed round screen printing machine will works it out.

The cylindrical screen printing machines are widely used for industries of daily chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, personalised water bottles business, cosmetic bottles manufacture, etc.

Standards of The Printing Industry

Wanted a printing partner while worrying about the capacity of him? There are some reference standards for you to choose a reliable partner.

During the printing process, people using ISO 12647, a series of international standards of bottle printing equipment, to measure the quality of the printing process including the screen printing process.

Types of Bottle Printing

People always think printing is put inks directly on objections, but it is not totally correct. There are many ways to print objections.

  • Silk Screen printing
  • Hot stamping
  • Decals
  • Offset printing
  • Shrink-sleeve labeling
  • Pressure-sensitive labeling
  • Spray coating and frosting

The most utilized and common printing way is screen printing. It uses a screen to print things, and the printing screen is easier to make. With the printing screen, we can DIY screen printing. Therefore, some non-professional people can make screen printing at home. On the other hand, screen printing also widely used in industries

How to Choose Screen Printing Ink?

Printing ink is an aspect that every screen printing printer considered, so does screen printing. Different from other printing ways, screen printing has its own special requirements for ink utilization. There is some common ink used in screen printing.

Screen printing glass bottles and screen printing plastic bottles are the very normal printing objects. They are made by glass bottle printing machine and plastic bottle printing machine. And screen printing glass bottles are preferred by wine industries. Choosing the right screen printing ink is very important for screen printing glass bottles and plastic bottles. There has some common screen printing ink that can help you make more perfect printing objects.

Water based screen printing ink: This kind of ink is more suitable for fabric printing because it can soak into the fibers of the fabric on which it is printed. Customers prefer water based printing ink because of its soft feel, while manufactures should consider that it needs a longer time to dry.

Plastisol ink: This kind of ink is thicker and more durable than water based screen printing ink. It is versatile and can provide clear graphic detail. Plastic ink is widely available. When the color made on products, it can stay for a long-time. It is more suitable for screen printing methods, equipment and designs because it can stay on screen for a long time without drying out.

Discharge ink: This kind of screen printing paint can be used in both plastisol and water-based type. It requires a high level of expertise to operate. When using this ink, the ink removes the color of the fabric on the areas where it is applied and replaces it with its new colors.

These three kinds of inks are common screen printing materials that screen printing companies used.

Glass bottle printing machine and plastic bottle printing machine should take the ink which is fitful for the different materials. For the glass bottle printing machine, it needs thicker and more colorful ink for its special surface.

Screen Printing vs. Digital Printing: Which is Best For bottles

Bottle Screen printing involves creating a screen (also known as “stencil”), and then using that screen to apply layers of ink on the bottle surface. For multi-color bottle printing, each color is applied to the bottle using a different stencil, one at a time, combined to achieve the final pattern.

Digital printing is pretty similar to the printer you have at home. Using CMYK inks, the pattern is printed directly onto your product or materials. Digital printing is best used for items that require high amounts of detail. And it suit for orders of a smaller quantity because the price per unit remains the same no matter how many items you print. The applications of digital printing include:

  • print-on-demand products such as personalized water bottles, mugs, and wedding photo books.
  • outdoor banner advertising and event signage, in trade shows, in the retail sector
  • Photos – digital printing has revolutionized photo printing in terms of the ability to color correct a photograph before printing.

Both the screen printing and digital printing techniques are widely used. However, in the bulk water bottle printing industry, the traditional silk printing process may prove to still be the best option.

  • Screen printing provides brighter colors. The ink in screen printing is applied thicker than digital printing.
  • For bottle screen printing, the price per unit decreases as you print more units, for once the screen is made it can be used an infinite number of times.

Glass bottle screen printing VS. Plastic bottle screen printing

Bottle printing machine manufacturers usually provide customers as their requirements with glass bottle printing machine and plastic bottle printing machine. All of these were included in bottle printing machine for sale.

Glass bottle printing machine has more suitable for glass-designed round products, their ink is more durable and fits with smooth, elegant surface of glass bottles. The normal we saw in the supermarket like wine bottles are screen printing glass bottles made by glass bottle screen printing machines. These screen printing glass bottles can be regarded as collections because of their smooth, elegant surface. And that is why so many high-end wine companies choose screen printing glass bottles as their packaging.

 Plastic bottle printing machine provides colorful patterns for plastic bottles. Plastic material is weaker than bottle bottles. According to this feature, plastic bottle printing machine can choose the fitful ink and printing methods for plastic bottle printing.

As bottle printing machine manufacturers usually print glass or plastic bottles, like screen printing glass bottles. And bottle printing machine can be divided into glass bottle printing machine and plastic bottle printing machine.

Glass bottle printing machine: Also called glass bottle screen printing machine. Screen printing glass bottles were made by it. It has steady printing process for fragile glass material, thick and colorful ink for the smooth, elegant surface. Glass bottle printing machine is designed for glass bottles.

Plastic bottle printing machine: flexible printing process with mechanical arms, automatically adjust the bottle in the right position to printing. Plastic bottle printing machine is designed for plastic bottles.


Semi-automatic or Fully-automatic Bottle Printing Machine

Semi-automatic bottle printing machine features quick & simple tooling changeovers, precise mechanical registration & conveniently all controls are on the front panel. Thought it’s semi-automatic screen printer, it can print multicolor round objects, the machine install motor registration system and optical sensor registration system for different print requirements.

Fully automatic silk screen bottle screen printing equipment with high speed mechanical driven bottle transport are designed for for large volume single or multi-color bottle printing production. we no . speed variator and mechanical transport combined the new high speed transport system.

If you need to print small scale glass bottles for home use, buying a  manual cylinder screen printing kit from us is enough.

Working Principle of Bottle printing machine

Screen printing ink selection: depending on the printing requirements and bottle materials, screen ink selection also have influence for the machine choosing. Ink for bottle printing includes water based screen printing ink, UV ink, high temperature ink, etc. Semi-automatic machine uses solvent based ink and fully automatic print machine mostly uses UV ink.

Pre-treatment of silk printing: most bottles need surface treatment before screen printing in way of flame treatment and plasma treatment. It can make bottle get better ink adhesion. PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE plastic bottles usually need to do flame treatment before printing.

Ink drying after printing: according to different type inks, the ink drying methods will be different. Like UV ink will need UV curing, high temperature ink needs an oven, etc. The automatic machine equips with UV curing device as standard for UV ink printing.

Bottle Screen Printing Machines for Sale

At ONCE, all bottle screen printing equipment is available on our website to have been thoroughly tested and approved. We are screen printing perfectionists and responsible bottle printing machine manufacturers, and will not enable printing machines that do not result in the best final product. Artwork printed goes through the process of being reviewed and proofed by our expert artists.

If you are looking for automatic round printing solution, we are happy to help! We will guide you through the entire automatic round screen printing process to ensure customer satisfaction.

We provide our customers with bottle screen printing machines for sale. Our bottle screen printing equipment can make screen printing glass bottles and screen printing plastic bottles. Therefore, we have glass bottle printing machine and plastic bottle printing machine.

Talk to us in case you want to source bottle printing machinery.

How to Find Bottle Silk Screen Printing Service?

If someone wants to create his screen-printing business, he needs to find steady screen printing supplies. There have some ways to help you solve this problem, and buy bottle printing machine for sale.

Local screen printing company: Screen printing companies provide different kinds of service. They generally print T-shirts, bags, bottles or other products like these. Some screen printing company can provide more complete service, even from pattern design to printing.

Screen printing shop: It is more likely DIY screen printing and also be known as online screen printing. Printing shop provides colors, patterns, even printed objections. Customers can choose their interesting combination from it.

Used bottle screen printing equipment: Bottel screen printing equipment is productive, usually used by these companies which have a complete production process. The primary cost of screen printing equipment is expensive, while when it was used in long-term production, it is cost-efficient.


Cheers on reaching the end of this all-inclusive guide to bottle screen printing equipment. Throughout this guide, we have thoroughly exhausted all the information that is vital and essential.

I am sure now you’re well-conversant with the parts, working principle, and even the round product silk printing techniques.

It’s pretty obvious you’re now knowledgeable in this sector and have got all information to buy one of these printing machines soon.