Tamprinter produce electric heat radiant conveyor belt dryer for after printing or hot air dryer  for wet wipes,roll to roll cloth dryer ,yarn tunnel dryer,Silicone extended infrared tunnel dryer,UV Print Ink Dryer,not Fish Heat Pump Dryer,Do not make powder dryer, food dryer,not Ceramic Hair Dryer,not  Washing Machine Dryer,not Egg Tray Conveyor Belt Dryer, not Corn Dryer Machine,not Pet Grooming Dryer Machine,not Round Clothes Dryer,not digitally printed mugs dryer . not Pipe Dryer,not Sesame Dryer.

Silicone extension extrusion foaming oven

As for the smoke exhaust, regardless of the design, you can only reduce the concentration of the smoke inside, and it is impossible to produce smoke to be discharged immediately, and reflux is not allowed. When you control the reflow, it also affects the temperature uniformity and causes uneven heating of the product. If it is discharged in large quantities, it means a large amount of heat loss, which will increase the cost of electricity. There is a standard smoke exhaust port above each section of the tunnel furnace. We can only recommend adding one 250 watt exhaust fan every 2 meters. The discharge flow is adjusted according to the actual situation.

tamprinter brand cloth dryer


The advantage of this type of machine ,The cloth reciprocates through multiple sets of synchronized rollers in the high temperature area,, high drying heat efficiency, fast passing speed, small size and low freight. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJsxWjIFeRZ/?igshid=1j2khjwhd4exm




Hardware printing high temperature infrared tunnel furnace