How much is a set screen printer?


Each product in each industry has different price levels according to the needs of customers, and the same is true for screen printing machines. Many people who don’t know the market quotations like to know the approximate price on the Internet when they buy a certain product, and how much it is to search for a certain item. In fact, search engines can’t give results. They really need to know the price. There is an e-commerce platform for price It may allow you to get the information you want faster.

Today, let's talk about the high-end intelligent machine in the screen printing machine-how much is a fully automatic screen printing machine?
The automatic screen printing machine is an intelligent machine that integrates automatic loading and unloading, pre-press processing, printing, and post-press processing. The average price of the standard monochrome screen printing machine in the market is 20,000 to 30,000 US dollars. Of course, the servo The price of fully automatic is relatively higher, about 50,000 US dollars. Its price is high but the accuracy is high and the control is more convenient.

The price of the screen printing machine will change according to the equipment configuration. For example, when you purchase the screen printing machine, you indicate that you do not need a certain function or accessory, or you want to add another function separately. The price will change accordingly. Many businesses will choose to quote the price. Low to attract customers to come to consult, after various additional configurations, the price may be much higher than peers.