Have you ever tested laser engraving as an alternative way to chemical etching pad printing clich? Different customers have different quality requirements
It is difficult for ordinary laser engraving machines to achieve the flatness of the bottom, the clarity of the corners, and the smooth edges. After zooming in by Quadratic element measure, you will see jagged edges.
We can provide samples for your reference if you need, made by the best $10000 laser engraving machine produced in China
Germany's $200,000 laser engraving machine produces better results.

The Rockwell hardness of the steel sheet is 52+/-1 degree. The thinner the steel sheet, the harder it is.
The steel plate is scraped with a blade. Balance and pressure adjustment determine the life of the steel plate, which is about 60,000 times.
The friction between the steel plate and the tungsten steel ring or ceramic ring is relatively stable and has a service life of 80,000 to 100,000 times.
After electroplating, the aluminum sheet has a blue or black surface and is laser engraved, with a lifespan of about 1,000 times.